Message from the Director

The book that my children like for me to read before bed is “Hungry Little Worm”, the story that describes how a “little worm” when it leaves its “egg” is very hungry, so it goes out to eat until it is fat, and then it stops eating, stops walking, builds a warm, safe house called a “pupa” to live in.

It accepts “complete” changes from the inside out and eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Christian salvation is no different from these little worms.  We were fed a fat spiritual diet, but God did not redeem us to be just a “good Christian” and wait for Jesus to return. He wishes that we be changed “completely” as servants of the Lord so that He can use us.

CTS desires to play a part in rebuilding a student’s life in a “radical” way through instruction based on the Word of God, both in class and outside of class, to be “a worker who does not have to be ashamed correctly using the Word of Truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).
Thanit Loketkrawee
CTS Director