What’s to Blame for Thailand’s Deadliest Mass Killing?


Oct 22

What’s to Blame for Thailand’s Deadliest Mass Killing?

What’s to Blame for Thailand’s Deadliest Mass Killing? Some point to economic, social, and moral problems, but a Thai pastor encourages a deeper look. PATOMPON KONG | OCTOBER 17, 2022
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Our goal is to glorify God by training leaders through biblical-centered education and to demonstrate the true Christian life and serve God,

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Our Goal is to be a center for mission outreach in an urban context with a diverse population for strategic serving in this region.

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CTS is open to believers who are interested in God’s Word and who want to apply it to their lives in order to serve the Lord.

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For more than 50 years, Dr. Henry has served faithfully the Thai church. He has said,

“A good leader must know how to use the Scriptures correctly allowing the Holy Spirit to work in life and allowing other leaders to contribute and speak into his or her life.”

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1. Multiply disciples by following the example of Christ.
2. Develop pastors to expand the church of Christ.
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